We Are "Matsumoto"!
Let us introduce ourselves and leave everything
about automation systems to our Technical Division.
Matsumoto U.S. Technologies is a worldwide leader in the design and integration of the most sophisticated and reliable positioning, welding, cutting, robotic and automated systems. Our team of design engineers and technicians provide a wide range of support from lead engineering to process development to installation to programming and testing of automated solutions customized to meet your manufacturing needs.

Whether your job is large or small, we put our expertise to work for you. We understand that repeatability and uptime are two of the most significant challenges you face with an automated welding process. We help you determine the best options on system configurations that maximize the benefits to your manufacturing process based on both your short and long term goals.
How Matsumoto Began
We began using CAD software early on for our design
process, resulting in more efficient drawing methods.

Matsumoto U.S. Technologies, Inc., founded in Alabama in January 2004, is the American subsidiary of Matsumoto & Co., Ltd, based in Osaka, Japan. We supply quality welding cells, fixtures, supplies and service to customers throughout the South and Midwest.

Matsumoto U.S. continues to build on our large selection of standard positioning equipment and to develop innovative products that increase productivity, product quality and worker safety, helping our customers use their resources more effectively.

Company Profile
Matsumoto Sangyo & Co., Ltd.

May, 1948

768,000,000 JPY

300 (Apr, 2005)

4,620,000,000 JPY

4-5-21, Sakuragawa, Naniwa-ku,
Osaka City TEL: 06-6567-1251

Overseas office: Matsumoto U.S. Technologies, Inc.
(Alabama, USA)

Specialties: Welding material, Industrial machinery

Tohoku branch, Kanto branch, Chubu
branch, Chugoku branch,
Kyushu branch (40 sales hubs)
Sales Division I, System Section
(special section for automobile
related companies)

Suboffice: Kanto, Chubu (Toyota, Hamamatsu),
Kyushu, Chiba
Matsumoto Kikai Co., Ltd.



February, 1964

Employees: 120
Matsumoto Kikai Plants

Head Office
& Yao Factory:

4-153, Oihara, Yao,
Osaka 581-0092 Japan
TEL: 81-72-949-4661
FAX: 81-72-948-1528

Higashi-Osaka Factory: 4-10-7, Kano, Higashi-Osaka,
Osaka 578-0901 Japan
TEL: 81-72-965-1680
FAX: 81-72-963-3008

Tokyo Factory: 55-5, Chigusa-cho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba 262-0012 Japan
TEL: 81-43-257-8500
FAX: 81-43-257-8512

1-5-30 Takaokahigashi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu 433-8117 Japan
TEL: 81-53-414-266
FAX: 81-53-414-0206

China Factory: (Representative Sales in China)
Tianjin Matsumoto Machinery Co., Ltd
Hada Industrial Estate
4th Xinghua Branch Road,
Xiging Economic Development Area, Tianjin, China
TEL: 86-22-83963155
FAX: 86-22-83963158

MUST: (Matsumoto U.S. Technologies, Inc.)
1021 Production Court
Suite 1000 P.O. Box 1605
Madison, AL 35758 @ USA
TEL: 1-256-461-0440
FAX: 1-256-461-0449
Main clients (unclassified)

Air Water Inc.

Daiwa House, Ltd.

Exedy Corporation

Fuji Electric
Holdings Co., Ltd.

Fuji Kiko Co., Ltd.

Glory Kiki co., Ltd.

Hiraoka Body Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Zosen Corp.

IHI Corppration

Japan Bridge Corp.

JFE Steel Corporation

Katayama Stratech Corp.

Kawasaki Heavy
Industries, Ltd.

Kinki Sharyo

Kobe Steel, Ltd.

Kubota Corporation

Kurimoto Ltd.

Kyokuto Kaihatsu
Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Matsuo Bridge Co., Ltd.

Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

Nippon Steel Corp.

OTK Corporation

Paloma, Ltd.

Sekisui House, Ltd.

Shinmeiwa Industries, Ltd.

Sumikin Weld Pipe Co., Ltd.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Tokyu Car Corporation

Topre Corporation

Toshiba Corporation

Toyota Industries Corp.

Yanman Co., Ltd.

Yaskawa Electric Corp.

Yutaka Gikeu Co., Ltd.

Unipres Co., Ltd.